Pausoka Ententainment is a production company based in San Sebastian. Created 25 years ago, we are focused on the creation and eveloping our own formats and fiction series. For the last years, we created some formats that they have been sold in countries like USA, Canada, France, Germany, China or Peru. We´re developing 2 shows and 1 fiction series this days for ETB1 and ETB2.


Address: Paseo Duque de Mandas 32, Donostia/San Sebastian
Phone: +34 943 293 140 | +34 666 443 963, e-mail:
Contact Person: Xabi Zabaleta

Productions | Projects | Programmes (in progress)

Lets go!

Let’s go! is a musical series for young audiences. Combining humor and music, the series tells the adventures of a group of young people who will spend the best summer of their lives in a strict summer camp.

Sleeping with the enemy

Broadcasted in ZDF_Neo (Germany) with the name of “Volksvertreter”.
In a time when politics and politicians are getting worse rated by society, a politician will be enclosed with 3 people who, for various reasons, do not support him or her and have no intention to vote for. Will they change their minds?


Bagoaz – Talent Show
Up & Down - Reality
Show me your body - Reality
Stars on the street - Dating Show
My father´s house - Drama
The impostor - Reality
Mom vote for me - Talent Show

Core Business: Formats

Other Activities: Serials and Entertainment
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